Sunday, February 17, 2008

You can bet that I stand ready/ When the wolf growls at the door....

Feeling surprisingly agile on Saturday morning we headed down to Bexhill-On-Sea in the SAAB (nothing on earth comes close) to a depressing magnolia hotel. A clever man once described magnolia paint as "the colour of english depression". Very true. Great pool and jacuzzi though, the sun was shining over a brutally cold De Warr Pavillion. On the way back we drove part what used to be my home Dark Farm and is now in the process of being destroyed in a Footballers Wives stylee. No cows, no soul. The countryside is being destroyed. Horrible to see. Later hit the 100 Club with J OL (he's number 1!) to watch the dawn of The New Wave Of The New Grave scene featuring SCUM and ELECTRICTY FOR HOMES etc. It was like being in Spiders night club in Hull circa 1987. No really, it was. Got the hell out of there before the midnight hour for obvious reasons. You've seen 'From Dusk Till Dawn' right? Also its absolutely wonderful news that Kosovo has declared independence.

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