Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Am lucky to be doing a bit of car journalism. Had this Volvo for a week. The roof went down like something out of Robocop. Nice ride.

The Boss

Johnny Cigs. My Editor. Tough day today because we just finished an issue and he has to worry about the next one. While all us minions piss around thinking we don't need to do any work. Oh well, tough at the top.

Naughty James

I invented this kid (http://www/naughtyjames.com) had a couple of pints with him tonight. he's very talented but is far too caught up with Hoxton and Vice magazine.


Perou's dog in a menacing light.

Bubba Sparxx

Another one from earlier this year. Will keep putting a few pics up as I come across them on the chaos of my Mac at home and at work. The photos with a white border are film and the ones without are digital.


Playing his accordian last xmas.

Goldie Lookin Chain

From earlier this year. They were funny but have now sadly been dropped. RIP the South Wales 2 Live Crew.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Braved the furious rain in Brixton last night and went to see Davids band play (http://www.myspace.com/rowanandthecropsfailed) They were good but no-one was there.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dark Farm

This is the view form my window when I lived in Sussex. I miss the farm sometimes but am glad to be back in the city. For good this time.

Graveyard Shift

These are the gates to an old cemetery in Southwark. They are bulldozing it to make way for a new building. The locals have put up some tributes to those dead people who are about to be covered in concrete.

The Lackpack Playing In The Outer Hebrides

Monday, May 22, 2006

Lazio Vs Roma

Earlier this year. Flew to Rome (great food) for the local derby. Some of the Lazio fans are still rather fond of Mr Mussolini and show this by giving a fascist salute as the Lazio team is announced. I sent this bloke a print.


From the Bridge of the U.S.S Intrepid

The Horrors Playing Recently

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Plan B (innit)

Photographed this kid Plan B (http://www.time4planb.co.uk) for the mag. He's causing a bit of controversy. I like his music and I really like the fact that everyone either loves him or hates him. Which is great when we live on the same planet as Snow Patrol. Who people seem to care about as much as they care about lawn feed.

Where I Spend Too Much Of My Time

Brands Hatch

Had a great day at Brands Hatch with Perou (http://www.perou.co.uk) racing cars for a piece for Front. In the safe hands of our instructor Calum Lockie (http://www.calumlockie.com) we drove Ginettas and Porsche 968's around the Indy circuit.

David And Taz

Left on my own for the weekend and David (http://www.davidtitlow.com) came over. Here he is with a very happy Taz on Sunday morning.


Went up to Beverley (my hometown) to see family. Here's Gramps, he's 94 and still loves his workshop.

Office Rooftop Barbecue

Yeah summer came to Hoxton for one day and the nice people at Nando's sent us a barbecue kit. So we got up on the roof and had a cook up. These are the people I work with. We need to do this everytime the sun comes out.


Drove down to Dorset to spend the day with the Household Cavalry at the Royal Armored Corps HQ. The sound of this Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank firing it's gun was insane. For sure the loudest thing I ever heard.

Taz And The Fish

Here's my dog Taz about to devour some Dogfish that were laying on the beach at Dungeoness. I stopped him in time.