Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ever Had The Feeling You're Gonna Be Cheated?

So The Pistols are going to play Brixton. What a bunch of rotters. It was a terrible idea back in 1996 and an even worse one now. I remember hearing 'Pretty Vacant' on the radio in my Dad's Morris Marina at the age of 6 in 1977. It's a very precious memory that I'm not going to destroy by watching the old gits fanny about on stage for the pleasure of various Graphic Designers, Advertising executives and Footballers. Sid must be spinning in his grave. Punk Rock was never meant to be a heritage industry.


KAT said...

Yeah, back to the Motherland. Don't know how impressed I am about it. Trying to unpack and it hurts!
Love having shelves and draws, a loaded pantry, and a selection of shoes and perfumes though. How novel!

Mae's daughter said...

i'm going to that gig, will be ace! you're missing the irony!