Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Emo Action Figure

Bumped into this kid today. He was telling me about how his parents didn't understand him and he was thinking about holing up in his bedroom for a bit and writing some poetry, maybe doing a bit of self-harm and possibly listening to a little My Comical Romance. What's up with the kids these days? In my time it was all Texas Is The Reason, Rites Of Spring and Sunny Day Real Estate. Hum. In other news I spent a night of pure crystal evil agony last night with the toothache and today visited 'Banjo Joe The Dentist' (he plays in my Dads Folk band) and he pulled the offending denture out of my gum for union rates. Strangely satisfying; like a good punch in the face and a blessed relief. It's seems I'm going to be seeing alot of Banjo Joe in the near future....I have 18th Century teeth.

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