Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I saw you there with a rose in your teeth/ One more thin gypsy thief...

JW rode wide and deep in the monster truck Saturday (thanks for not running me over bro) then awoke to arctic scenes Sunday. Season 6 of The Shield is the most powerful and intense television ever made. COURTEENERS rocked HMV under the office after work then BEGGARS blew The Soho Arts Club away. They are totally my new favourite band. Back at the bar Liam and the band celebrated amazing album midweeks in the Charlton Heston suite with champagne and very destructive cocktails...As The Onion said today "Charlton Heston's gun finally taken from his cold, dead fingers" I am actually mourning the pasing of a great patriot.


James Knight said...

Shield=Better than Wire 5?

I just finished.

I feel I have lost lifelong friends.


calski said...

Monster trucks are ace.