Friday, October 05, 2007

"Oh oh its Friday night, the white punks play tonight.."

Ran into Mature Lensman and Colonel of The Confederate Air Force Mr Tom Sheehan in reception. Great to see him. It seems the staff of 1965 records are a bit in the dark as to the history of the area in which they work so here goes...
"The word Soho is an old hunting call used to call in the hounds. The district was christened with this name as Soho was a hunting ground attached to Westminster Palace. Soho was an area of farmlands in the Middle Ages and was acquired by the crown in the 1530s. Until the Great Fire of London in 1666, Soho was mainly composed of fields with a small number of cottages in the Wardour Street area. In the 1670's and 80's, the Soho of today was created, largely by 17th-century urban developer Gregory King, to alleviate the over-crowding in the centre of London."
If you want to know anymore about, say, Bloomsbury or somewhere indieboys then look it up on Wikifuckingpedia.

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