Friday, August 17, 2007

La Plage Du Celebs On Sunday

Visited the shore with the Huntaway who whined with excitement all the way there. He loves the beach. Walked around town for a while then threw Dogface a few sticks in an attempt to recreate that bit in the film Jaws (albeit with a happy ending)Strange to see Hull's favorite band(?)flying the Confederate Flag. We're not in London anymore Toto I suppose. Wonder what 'Ol Shooter Jeninngs would make of it? I expect he'd say "You fly you're flag, and I'll fly mine"


the oxo said...

Think Judge Ed wouldn't have the necessary girth to play the Judge: 'and him weighing twenty four stone which he did then and does now. And by my own warrant, for I added up the counters on the bar with my own and sober eyes at a stock sale in Chihuahua City int hat same month and year'

Mae's daughter said...

surely being voted Hull's best band is something one would keep to one's self???