Friday, January 12, 2007

Long Way Around The Sea

Palermo Hollywood to Ministro Airport to New York JFK to London Heathrow to Stockwell to Sintra to Kings Cross to Hull. A few continents and medicated (Xanax) hours of flying. Feeling a little dazed and culture shocked after a brilliant trip. All respect to David who turned out to be the best international bad boy companion and greatest mate I could have wished for, home again....onwards and upwards.


Mae's daughter said...

back in the yeUK, actually okay, just eaten some rabbit which was amazing!
thanks for the shout out! a very fine month.

the oxo said...


Bienvenido de nuevo en Inlglaterra! Good to have you boys back, looking forward to hearing the argy stories in full!

Mae's daughter said...

lazy non blogging git! still in suffolk, hope all well, wnet to london yesterday for the day, erk! admin, back on sat-