Friday, December 22, 2006

Uno Mass Por Favor

Hola! think i might have finally worked out how to update from the Argie Boonies. Things are ace here. Will try and put some more stuff up soon but connectivity is sparodic. Peace on earth to everyone. Sounds like England has turned into the 19th century in our absence. What with thick fogs and Jack The Ripper types (everybody here is also obsessed with the Sussex hooker murders)

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the oxo said...

My county of birth finally gets its 15 minutes of infamy and still people get it wrong!!!! You of all people, Tommo, should know it's the S U F F O L K strangler! I bet you think we all talk in a Dorset accent too!

Anyway, as it's Christmas, you are forgiven. Feliz Navidad y todo eso.

Abrazos, amigo!