Friday, September 01, 2006

Terrorist Items

Today on my way to work I was stopped at Kings Cross by a couple of very nice Cops and their very friendly Springer Spaniel bomb dog. They told me that it would be very difficult to stop a suicide bomber when they were actually carrying out an attack so instead they are looking for suspicious types who might be on a recon mission for a possible attack. I fitted the profile as I was carrying 2 camera bags at the time. One of the Cops used to work for Max Power Magazine so we know some of the same people. After searching me and the dog drooling all over my Leica they give you this bit of paper and apologise for violating your human rights. A hard job for them under difficult circumstances. A reminder, I suppose, that there is still a war on and Kings Cross at 9.30 am is actually on the frontline.

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