Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jennifer Aniston Must Die

Don't know how I managed to be talked into it but I went to see "The Break Up" at the cinema tonight. I would rather have had all my skin peeled off slowly while slowly dying of cancer. Don't go and see it. It seemed to distill into an hour and a half all the things that are wrong with this world and our bankrupt and perverse popula r culture. On a lighter note here's Steve 'Neon' Beech. He's Front Magazines Art Director and sees the world differently to you and I. While we see subtle shades of light and colour Neon just sees very bright and colourful lights all around him. All the time. Bit like in the film Tron. Nissan 350Z arriving for a few days tomorrow.

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Mae's daughter said...

Come on, lighten up you cunt! are you coming to this wicker man QANDA or not????